Break Down

I recently finished this painting. It is a scene I captured out in the wheat field observing this crew harvesting this field. As Philip Pearlstein in his figurative paintings would do, I expressed the stress and tension in the body movements of these three men trying to replace a rod in the header of the combine that was sitting there idling as they were trying to get the task done so the combine would be moving again. The older gentlemen has his shoulders raised higher, and the man in the white uniform is bracing his one foot against the foot of the man in the middle whose body is leaning aggressively into the combine. The motion of these three figures expresses the theme in this painting.

This 20″x 24 ” in size with out a frame but it will have a frame on it. The medium is acrylic.

I think this painting is leading me further into experimenting with over-life sized portrait compositions in their own psychological stance.

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